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Summer is a great time to get your kids engaged in taking care of the lawn. By getting them to participate in yard work, you can help them get some much-needed sunshine and physical activity. Plus, involving your kids in lawn care can teach them the importance of working hard, helping your family, and takingRead Article

Edging your lawn might feel like a pain sometimes, but it’s important to do (or have someone else do). Proper edging gives your yard an added “umph” factor–making it look crisp and clean. When we talk about “properly edging your lawn,” we’re referring to using the right tools to give it a consistent, clean border.Read Article

Whether you’re a property owner or work in the landscaping profession, lawn maintenance is a rewarding but demanding task. Achieving a lush, beautiful lawn and garden is the ultimate goal and helps elevate your property’s curb appeal and value. Still, it’s a task that needs a wide variety of equipment such as lawnmowers, string trimmersRead Article

Browsing the fertilizer section at your neighborhood garden retailer can be overwhelming. The shelves are lined with colorful bottles and bags, each bearing a flower, a number, and a claim that it will make your yard better. How can a person decide which product to choose when there are so many options and technical jargonRead Article

Among all landscape plants, shrubs and hedges are undoubtedly the least appreciated and cherished. Despite this, their natural beauty can soften the harsh lines of your house, increasing its visual appeal by serving as a pleasing contrast to hardscapes like steps, patios, and stonewalls or other grass, trees, and gardens. A live “fence” or privacyRead Article

Maybe you’ve been here before: You just finished mowing your lawn, but your grass still looks like a mess. It’s unevenly cut, it’s torn, it’s frayed at the tips–the cleanly sliced look you’re going for just isn’t there. So now you have three choices: Let’s be upfront here: The problem most likely isn’t you. WeRead Article

We all have year-round commitments: Keeping up with our house, taking care of our family, maintaining our physical health, and caring for our lawn. Sure, lawn care may not be at the top of your list of commitments, but it’s important. Maintaining a beautiful lawn throughout the year might seem like a huge undertaking. AfterRead Article

Introduction Welcome to the world of lawn care, an essential aspect of homeownership that significantly enhances the beauty of your home. Regular lawn maintenance, especially mowing, ensures a healthy lawn. This article aims to provide lawn mowing tips for both beginners and experienced gardeners, guiding you on how to mow and maintain your lawn. UnderstandingRead Article

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